Conveyor Sorting Systems

The global logistics industry has developed an impressive array of hardware designed to automatically sort goods for a customer order or for a specific destination. The problem for Australian companies is that this hardware is almost inevitably...

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Our Clients

We have a long list of very happy clients, both large and small. Here is a short list of some of the larger companies that we’ve done work for:



  • ALDI Stores
  • Chrisco
  • Costco 
  • Pacific Brands
  • Rheem 
  • Tupperware 
  • Toyota 



  • Air Road Distribution
  • Australia Post
  • Fedex
  • TNT
  • Toll Ipec



  • Baiada Poultry
  • Inghams Enterprises
  • PACE Farms
  • PRIMO Smallgoods
  • Southern Meats



  • Allied Mill
  • Asahi Beverages
  • Kelloggs
  • Ricegrowers
  • Tooheys



  • Amatil Coca Cola
  • Amcor
  • Dulux
  • Nissan Casting
  • Visy Industries



  • AngloGold Ashanti
  • Oz Minerals

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Each of these companies presented with a particular challenge, and we delivered customised solutions to meet all of their goals.

Talk to us about your challenges, we’d love the chance to win your business and add your company to this list.


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Paperless order picking can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse operations

Do you want to increase your picking performance, and do you demand the highest quality of your products or services – especially with regard to short delivery times and high customer satisfaction?

Pick-by-light or paperless picking is one way to improve your picking performance - whether you operate in a logistics operation for the picking of goods, or in a production environment for material supply.

Pick-by-light guides operators through your order picking zones with highly visible LED displays to help them pick the correct item and the correct quantity. Little or no time is lost looking for items, or reading or processing paperwork.

Some of the advantages of paperless order picking are:

Efficiency in logistic operations = increase in productivity = satisfied customers

  • A significant increase in the quality and speed for picking and sorting
  • Increase in data transparency by networking all processes in real time
  • Reduction of order processing times, swifter processing of urgent orders
  • Route optimisation and optimum use of the picking areas
  • Safety stock can be managed in the inventory management system


  • A reduction of error rates in the order picking process
  • Inventory and quantity correction in real time = more reliable warehouse stocks
  • Permanent stock-taking by means of immediate feedback of acknowledged pick positions


  • Increase of picking performance per employee
  • A reduction of the material supply time
  • Shorter delivery periods


  • Optimum order processing time thanks to parallel processing of information
  • Adaptability to any warehouse requirement and application
  • Easy system installation and upgrade, immediately ready for use


  • Connection of additional components such as barcode readers, weighing stations, radio terminals, and automatic conveying systems
  • Possibility to extend a “pick-by-light” system at any time

Delivery quality

  • Increase of the logistic service quality, especially in terms of delivery and accuracy
  • Goods can be picked directly into the containers/packaging used for shipping

Personnel resources

  • Short training times and higher picking quality thanks to intelligent user guidance
  • Increased employee motivation due to simplified work processes and higher workplace quality

Financial resources

  • Short amortization time: usual return on investment (ROI) is between 1 and 3 years

A pick-by-light system consists of hardware and software components as described below:

Hardware Components

  • Electronic displays in different designs, e.g. with or without quantity displays, or in a text display version
  • The interface units (controllers) which supply electricity to the displays also act as an interface between interface and control computer
  • The displays are mounted on a carrier profile made of aluminium, which is welded or screwed onto the respective surface (e.g. shelving). The carrier profiles are equipped with multi-point plugs which supply the displays with electricity and data
  • A computer is required to control the pick-by-light system
  • Other optional components of a pick-by-light system can include scanners, RFID readers, zone displays, weighing devices, label printers, sensors, signalling devices to name a few

Software components

  • A standard supplied software module, also known as a device manager, used to manage and control individual components such as displays and controllers
  • A supplied application software, which controls the picking processes and coordinates the exchange of data with the customer’s host system (WMS). Due to the wide variety of host systems and the fact that each user’s processes are unique, this application software is generally written and tailored to each customers requirements

Functional, flexible and industry compatible

  • Pick-by-light with its functional design and versatile individual components offers the advantages of longevity, flexibility, quality and accuracy all in one go

Designed for durability – a robust and reliable system

  • To meet the sophisticated demands of modern warehousing and logistics operations place on technology and quality, premium materials are used throughout. For example, the carrier material is made of aluminium for durability of service, and the control components are designed for at least 10 million picks, thereby guaranteeing long lasting usability

Simple to assemble and offering the greatest flexibility in display layout

  • The snap-in mounting system allows the display components to be inserted into the carrier profile and mounted anywhere on the shelf or racking without the use of tools. A multipoint plug supplies the displays with power and data. The displays can be moved to a different place in the blink of an eye, even when the system is operational, without losing an active picking position

If you require help with your paperless picking application or are seeking advice on design requirements, talk to the friendly sales team at Adept Conveyor Technologies on (02) 9771 4655 or We manufacture high quality material handling systems, in Australia, for a broad range of industries. We have an enormous depth of experience and knowledge. We will help you with any materials handling project, at every step of the way, and never walk away until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

DATE: JULY 7, 2015